Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nuts and Bolts

So what are the rules/boundaries for this journey - work? What are my intentions? What are my tools and supports?

Rules and Boundaries
Rule #1 - This is a journey over a calendar year 01 FEB 2008 until 31 JAN 2010.
Rule #2 - I can count all the miles I walk, and they do not have to be consecutive.
Rule #3 - I may also ride a bike for longer distances - 10+ miles and such.
Rule #4 - Joshua and Samuel will be my companions
Rule #5 - I'll make weekly posts tracking my progress.

I'm taking a year to do this to set the bar low, but still offer a challenge - 1000 miles in a year is only 25 miles a week for 40 weeks, and that's just over 3.5 miles a day. And that's with 12 weeks to spare. Additionally this keeps me to a relatively short time frame for evaluating what I've done and how to move forward. If the weather is uncooperative - I can walk indoors. And if I have to, I can add up a bunch of short distances walked in the same day. I'm including cycling in the hope that I can move some of my driving to riding.

This is a prayer / meditation discipline. Others are welcome to join me! You can walk with me, or where you are; you can pray or meditate in the spirit of finding peace in our world where ever you find yourself, or drop by sometime - just give me a call or send a note. I encourage everyone to contribute to the movement for peace, in what ever way they are able. I should point out that I have a very broad definition of the peace movement, so anything that makes the world more peaceful - find a way to connect.

I mention all these possible connections because I've found that prayer is all about connection and relationship - so I want to share this experience with anyone that resonates with what I'm doing, making this a process of connection, and relationship. Hopefully co-creating, building, and reinforcing relationships that will support whatever this process yields.

Tools and Supports
I'm walking in an older pair of Saucony running sneakers that I inherited from Isaac when he outgrew them to start. I'm assuming that I'll wear these out somewhere around mile 200, and then I'll need something new. I'll be looking for a pair of New Balance 955 women's walking shoes - with the ankle support. I've chosen this particular shoe because it is likely made in the USA

I'm not rushing to the store for one of these; but once spring comes around, I'll be cycling, and need to carry Sam and Joshua safely. I've chosen a Chariot bike trailer. I've heard excellent things about this, and am looking forward to trying one. Not made is the USA; but in Canada by a family owned business. I'll be keeping my old Schwinn suburban, just getting it tuned up.

Lastly, I'm including Joshua and Samuel as teachers and guides - I've found that my children give me insights I simply cannot find on my own - I honestly don't take the time, or pay enough attention to what's happening around me without their intervention, and the structure they demand.

Thanks for reading! Questions welcomed and answered here. Peace and all good to you and yours.


Amy said...

Grace, Sounds like a great project for the year! If nothing else you will be in great shape and the boys will have a fun time. I'll pray for your success during my morning devotional time. Can't wait to hear about your journey.

Grace Potts said...

Wow! You read my blog! I feel like I should give you a prize or something :o)

Seriously though, thanks for reading, and including us in your prayers - every action helps.