Monday, February 9, 2009

Week One

Nothing stellar, off to a slow and steady start. We also have a neat little set-up where Joshua and Sam can both ride on mommy: bug-a-boo cloth carrier with Joshua on the front, hiking backpack with Sam on the back.

01 FEB 2008 - 0 miles
02 FEB 2008 - 0.75 miles
03 FEB 2008 - 0.75 miles
04 FEB 2008 - 0.25 miles
05 FEB 2008 - 0 miles
06 FEB 2008 - 0.25 miles
07 FEB 2008 - 1.25 miles

3.25 miles Total this week
3.25 miles Total to date (996.75 to go)

I was very surprised at how much anger I discovered within myself during these brief walks. I like to think of myself as being conscious of my anger, and guiding it to constructive rather than destructive ends... but there were all sorts of little pockets lingering about: the neighborhood friend that doesn't write or call anymore (or return calls/notes), never bringing my father to live with us, shame about not tithing fully, I could go on all day with the list. Suffice it to say that I truly shocked myself (and those that know me, know how hard it is to shock me!). For now, I think I'll just walk with this anger, and see if it has anything to say.

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