Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week Three

A little better...

15 FEB 2008 - 0 miles
16 FEB 2008 - 2.25 miles
17 FEB 2008 - 1.25 miles
18 FEB 2008 - 0 miles
19 FEB 2008 - 0 miles
20 FEB 2008 - 2.75 miles
21 FEB 2008 - 1 mile

7.25 miles Total this week
13.25 miles Total to date (986.75 to go)

I reflected a lot this week on what it means to champion the vulnerable, and to walk with them. Literally, I make my walks with the most vulnerable people in my family, and I've noticed that walking with them literally, has shown me some things metaphorically. I will reflect and flesh these ideas out more at another time - it is late, and I want to keep my commitment of posting regularly. So without further ado - here are some of the things that came up for me this week.

Go on their terms

Go at their speed

If *you* need to go faster, you have find a way to carry them

No one gets left behind - even one left behind is too many

The perspective they bring, is as essential to me, as I think my perspective is to them

Vulnerable people have agendas of their own, that do not necessarily overlap with my agenda. Their agendas for their time are more valid than my agendas for their time.

Enjoy Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday if you celebrate! Next time I post, it will be Lent :o) Peace and all good, my friends.

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