Monday, February 23, 2009

Week Four

Moving forward, bit by bit.

22 FEB 2008 - 0 miles
23 FEB 2008 - 0.25 miles
24 FEB 2008 - 3 miles
25 FEB 2008 - 1.5 miles
26 FEB 2008 - 0.25 miles
27 FEB 2008 - 0 miles (baby strike!)
28 FEB 2008 - 0 miles (baby strike!)

5 miles Total this week
18.25 miles Total to date (981.75 to go)

Many things that make sense in a car, do not make sense on foot.

There is so much trash out there. We should bring a trash bag with us.

Some times it is nice to take the long way, but many times, everyone has more fun if we find the path with least resistance.

Sam is a little "different". He always finds the things worth looking at. I've never appreciated the stained glass windows in our church quite so much. I *do* like them, they are not traditional - they are remarkable abstract modern art; but I go there every week, and I've come to take them for granted. Well, for Ash Wednesday, Sam could not be still - he had to walk, and stomp, and march, and stop and touch every piece of stained glass he could touch... and the grout between the glass, and the frames of each individual window. He would rub the windows with his fingers and trace the irregular pieces of glass, and then touch his lips, declaring "mmm, yummy." As I sat and traced the glass with him, I noticed something I had always known, but never noticed. Every piece of glass in this work of art is a broken piece of glass - broken but brought together into this astounding whole. In fact, the whole is beautiful because of the brokenness; the crude shards catch the light, and bend it and refract it along its fault lines. The windows can be absolutely captivating in the evening sun, almost glowing from within.

I need to start walking with a notebook. I had a really neat insight about decentralization, but I forgot it.

Sam went on strike on Friday, and Saturday. He had a runny bottom :o(. He's better now though. We're also going to lay off of the oranges and dried fruit for a while...

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